Kalki Avatar: Kalki Purana. Divine conversation of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi written by Agastya and Visvamitra. Divinity proved in Astrology in 2003.

“Is the Government for profit or welfare?” – Kalki.
ഗവണ്‍മെന്‍റ് ലാഭത്തിനോ ജനക്ഷേമത്തിനോ? – Kalki

Kalki Avatar will become World Renowned by My Words -Lord Shiva

Kalki Purana by Agastya

Nadi Astrology (Nadi Palm Leaves): History & Graceness

Kalkipuri Temple on 26 Nov 2017. Devakarya: Unique worship. Temple Entry Proclamation.

Kalkipuri Temple Mantra

Kalkipuri Temple Mantra

Kalkipuri Temple Prayer Hall Works on 18 May 2017 (Prarthana Mandapam)

Kalkipuri Temple on 28 April 2017

Kalkipuri Temple in March 2017

Kalkipuri Temple Dome Works Completed (5 Feb 2016 –  8 July 2016)

Kalki Purana: Divine Secrets Chapter by Agastya

We want humanity and welfare nation, not caste and religion. -Kalki

Kalki Purana: Previous Incarnations- Rama, Krishna, Vivekananda…

Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu: Real Facts – Kalki

Kalki Purana: The Chapter of Previous Incarnation as Vivekananda

Kalki Avatar: Proof from Astrology

Kalkipuri: Devaki Teacher on 15 Dec 2016

Kalki Purana: Political Chapter by Agastya

Insect Free Bronze Oil Lamp: Using Method – Slideshow

Kalki had Incarnated as Sree Rama & Executed Welfare Nation – Lord Shiva

Kalki had Incarnated as Sree Krishna & Saved Droupadi – Lord Shiva

In Kalki: Vishnu Exists with Me and Parvathi Devi – Lord Shiva

Kalki Exists in Oneness -Lord Shiva

Kalki has Come to Remove Ignorance – Lord Shiva

Kalki Realized Me and Parvathi Devi – Lord Shiva

Kalki will win the Kalkipuri Plot Case – Lord Shiva. Kalki Won on 16 Aug 2008.

Written by Agastya Maharshi in ancient Maha Shiva Nadi Sukshmal Sukshmam Chapter Palm Leaves. In ancient times, in Shiva loka, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, Kalki will win the Kalkipuri Plot case. As per Lord’s decision, it happened  on 16 Aug 2008, Kalki won the Kalkipuri plot case. (AADI TAMIL STANZAS: Sikkalathu Aathivazhi Thelivumkittum. (1):18:3.) MEANING: Sikkalath=problems (case), Aathivazhi= of own property, Thelivumkittum= will be solved favourably.  READ MORE.

In 2003, during the construction of the Dome of Kalkipuri Temple, one family member (elder son of father’s second elder brother) tried to grab and got a stay order from the court with a fabricated document (No.1720/2001) to stop the dome work of Kalkipuri Temple. On 16th Aug 2008, Kalki won the case [123/2003 & 26/2007 (206/2003]. The total extension of Kalkipuri plot is only 58.472 cents . On 7th March 2013 obtained the building permit for the Dome construction of Kalkipuri Temple.