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Kalki says We want Humanity and Welfare Nation, not Caste and Religion.

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Kalki says, we want humanity and welfare nation, not caste and religion.


It is not a concept. It is our right, practical.

By the blessings, I know how to execute welfare nation to give pure air, water, food, clothes, house, education, hospital, electricity, vehicle, technological facilities (phone, television, fridge, internet, softwares….), job etc. as the right which should be free with tax-free structure in order to live independently in security and protection. This is the time to remember, these were executed and proved by Sree Rama and Sree Krishna (7th & 8th incarnations of Lord Vishnu) with the available facilities at that time.

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Welfare Nation by Kalki published in Chithi & Kesari, official publications of BJP & RSS on 15 Sep & 17 Oct 2014. Visit: Kesari Weekly of 17 Oct 2014: http://kesariweekly.com/eweekly/2014/2014Oct17/index.html






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