Kalki biodata with historical evidences

Kalki: Biodata with Historical Evidences

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 Here is given the biodata of Kalki with historical evidences from Kalki Purana written by Agastya and Vishvamitra and Astrology.

In ancient times, in Shiva loka, The Supreme Organizing Authority (Sarvadhikari) and Supreme Preceptor (ParamGuru) Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, grace and the greatness of Kalki Avatar (incarnation) will become famous by My divine words. (Avatharam Velippedume Enatharulaale (1):25:2.). From Kalki Purana written by Agastya and Vishvamitra.

Kalki Purana by Agastya



Kalki(Through the Kerala Gazette notification dated 6 July 1999 the name Gopakumar given by parents was changed with signature and accepted the name Akhilananda Swamy with new signature. Then again by Kerala Gazette notification dated 11 January 2000 the name Akhilananda Swamy with signature was changed and accepted the name Kalki with new signature. No initial. Present name: Kalki)

Historical Evidence 1

In ancient times, Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi about Kalki which Agastya and Vishvamitra had foreseen and wrote it in Sanskrit language. Maha Shiva Nadi Sukshmal Sukshmam Kandom (Divine Secrets Chapter), Thulliam Kandom and Koushika Nadi are its Aadi Tamil translations. Kalkipuri Publication has published the stanzas and its Malayalam prose translations from these special chapters as a book namely, “Dasamavatara Kalki Charitham: Nadi Thaliyolakalil. Parvathi–Parameswara Divya Sambashanam” in Oct 2006. The book work of “Kalki Purana by Agastya & Visvamithra” is on process. Latest internet edition is available. From this book the important Aadi Tamil stanzas and its Malayalam meaning and prose translation are given below for historical evidences. Also read, Kalki Purana: Political Chapter written by Agastya.

66A img Kalki

52 img Kalki

Kalki says original latest photos in the Light Form (Prakashaswaroopa-not made of five elements) of Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are not available here now

Kalki says govt. should provide salary to nadi readers to prevent it as a business.

Arulvadivaay Nintriduveer Ayyanpadam (2):1:1
Adithozhuthu Makanshanti Deviyanum (2):1:2

Arulvadivaay= in the divine form, Nintriduveer= exists, Ayyanpadam= at your divine feet, Adithozhuthu= worships, Makanshanthi=Shanthi Kandom (Past Birth Chapter-13th chapter) of the son, Deviyanum=I, Parvathi Devi

Parvathi Devi requests Lord Shiva to inform the divine secrets of Kalki. This chapter is known as Past Birth Chapter (Shanthi Kandom, also called 13th Kandom).

Irulvara Enaiketta Anmbu Devi (2):1:3
Evanthanakku Gopakumar Namamkandu (2):1:4
Kandupin Akhilananda Swamiyaki (2):2:1
Kooridave Dashamavatharam Kalkiyinnaal (2):2:2
Pooriduver ithukalathil Kalki Bhagawan (1):29:1:1,2,3
Irulneekke Vanthavane (1):27:3:1,2
Avatharam Velippedume yenatharulale (1):25:2:1,2,3

Irulvara=that which is manifested, Enaiketta=asked Me (Lord Shivan), AnmbuDevi=beloved Devi, Evanthanakku=his, Gopakumar Namamkandu=(previous) name was Gopakumar, Kandupin=after that,  Akhilananda Swamiyaki=became Akhilananda Swamy, Kooridave=that which is informed (while reading the Nadi Palm Leaves), Dashamavatharam Kalki= Dashamavatar Kalki (10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) Innaal =now (at this time), Pooriduver=while this is informed, Ithukalathil=at this time, Kalki Bhagawan= Lord Kalki.

Beloved Devi! His name was Gopakumar (given by parents). Afterthat the ascetic name was Akhilananda swami. At this time, while reading the palm leaves is Dasamavatar (10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) Kalki. While informing this now, is Kalki Bhagavan.

Through My Divine words the importances of Kalki incarnation will become famous.

In the ancient time, Lord Shiva has informed Parvathi Devi about Kalki. Official name: Kalki. Important position: Dasamavatar (The tenth incarnation of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Protection Authority. Important Universal Position: Bhagavan. Through My divine words the importances of Kalki incarnation will become famous.

Usually, only one name is found in Nadi palm leaves. Pet names are not considered as official name.It has no legal power. But the previous names of Kalki are documented in the S.S.L.C book and Kerala Gazette Notifications. These are needed for the precision of the Nadi palm leaves of Kalki.

(Through the Kerala Gazette notification dated 6 July 1999 the name Gopakumar given by parents was changed with signature and accepted the name Akhilananda Swamy with new signature. Then again by Kerala Gazette notification dated 11 January 2000 the name Akhilananda Swamy with signature was changed and accepted the name Kalki with new signature. No initial. Present name: Kalki).

Irulneekke Vanthavane (1):27:3:1,2

Irulneekke=to remove ignorance, Vanthavane=who has come to.

Kalki has come to remove the ignorance.

Avatharam Velippedume yenatharulale (1):25:2:1,2,3

Avatharam=incarnation, Velippedume=become famous, Enatharulaale=through my divine words.

By My divine words the importances of Kalki Avatar (Incarnation) will become famous.

Kalki reveals the real facts of Lord Brahma (BrahmaDeva), Lord Shiva (ShivaDeva) and Lord Vishnu (VishnuDeva). Kalki is the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and founder of Kalkipuri estd. in 2001 at His birth place.


Bharath (India).

Kalkipuri Temple is situated in the birth place of Kalki, Edavannappara, Malappuram Dt., Kerala, India. Devotees can come and pray only with good intention without any discrimination like caste, religion etc..

Birth Place: Kalki was born in Vadakkel (House), Edavannappara (Cheruvayur P.O.) of Vazhakkad Village in Malappuram (Dt.). When Kalki was one and a half year old, his family moved to Choolur (Kozhikode Dt.) in regard to his father’s occupation. Father worked as an operator in Grasim Industries, Mavoor. Kalki returned to his birthplace at the age of 28 in 1998 and marked the beginning of Kalkipuri. In 2001, established Kalkipuri. In 2006, Kalki installed idol in the Kalkipuri Temple.

This Temple is situated at Kalkipuri (with a plot extension of 58.472 cents) owned by Kalki in the birthplace. The building permit for dome construction was obtained on 7th March 2013 and renewed it. Dome works started on 5 Feb 2016 and completed on 8 July 2016. Completion plan submitted on 3 Aug 2016 and approved by Vazhakkad Grama Panchayath on 8 Sep 2016. During the process, submitted Structural Stability Certificate by Dr. Shine. C. Chinnan. Ph.D ( https://www.facebook.com/Shine-builders-120711364742644/ ) as per the rules. Insect free bronze oil lamp (Design Patent No.225592) is used in the Temple.

Historical Evidence 2

Sikkalath Aathivazhi Thelivumkittum (1):18:3:1,2,3.

Sikkalath=problems (case), Aathivazhi= of own property, Thelivumkittum= will be solved favourably.

Kalki will win the case on his property.

60 img Kalki

In 2003, during the construction of the Dome of Kalkipuri Temple, one family member (elder son of father’s second elder brother) tried to grab and got a stay order from the court with a fabricated document (No.1720/2001) to stop the dome work of Kalkipuri Temple. On 16th Aug 2008, Kalki won the case [123/2003 & 26/2007 (206/2003]. The total extension of Kalkipuri plot is only 58.472 cents. On 7th March 2013 obtained the building permit for the Dome construction of Kalkipuri Temple.

Seerkovilum UndithuNaal (9):4:2:1,2
Siranthonkum Aalayamum Sevaimelaay (1):18:4.

Melorin Udavikalum Kittiyinbam (1):19:1:1,2,3.
Mechumpadi Amaithithadam Giriyinpakkam (1):19:2:1,2,3.
Sheelamudan Thuvakkangal Niraivumnantraay (1):19:3:1,2,3.

Seerkovilum=own temple, UndithuNaal=now has, Siranthonkum=in a specially increased rate, Aalayamum= in the great temple (Kalkipuri Temple), Sevaimelaay Melorin=help from those at higher positions, Udavikalum=helps, Kittiyinbam= with acceptance, Mechumpadi=with prosperity, Amaithithadam=in a calm place, Giriyinpakkam=on the hilltop, Sheelamudan=divine, Thuvakkangal Niraivumnantraay=begin in a good manner and will be completed.

Lord Shiva informs the highest position, greatness and prosperity of the great temple, the Kalkipuri Temple established by Kalki.

Now Kalki has a great temple (Kalkipuri Temple). With the sincere services of devotees at higher positions, the Kalkipuri Temple situated on the hill-top in a calm and peaceful atmosphere will exist prosperously and devotees will get great blessings.

Dharaniellam Pukalparavum Kalampinne (1):20:4:1,2,3

Dharaniellam= all over the world, Pukalparavum=is famous, Kalampinne= there is the time.

Kalkipuri Temple will become famous in this world.

Date of Birth

14 December 1971 (28 Vrishchikam 1147 as per Malayalam calendar, 28 of Thel Month in the Virodikirurthu Aand as per Tamil Calendar).

Historical Evidences 3

Virodhikrithu Aandathile Thelinthinkal (1):3:3
Vilambidave Irubaanyen Sheyinvaram (1)3:4.
Virodhikrithu Aandathile=Tamil year: Virodhikrithu (Malayalam year: 1147. English year: 1971), Thelinthinkal=Thel month in Tamil year (Vrishchikam in Malayalam. November-December in English), Irubanyen=28 (December 14), Sheyinvaram=Tuesday.

Date of birth: 14th December 1971. (as per Tamil calendar: 28th of Thel Month in Virodhikirurth Year and in Malayalam calendar: 28th Vrishchikam, 1147).


Kalki-BirthCertificate14Dec1971 with Gazette


14 Dec 1971 is the correct date of birth of Kalki as per Birth Certificate registered with number 385/1971 on 14 Dec 1971. But the date of birth entered in the S.S.L.C book is 5 April 1970. When Kalki was four years old, the Principal of the school on east side (Kizhakke School) in chuloor asked his parents to just send him to the school to balance the total strength of the students there and the parents did so. But the school authorities entered his age as five years old. Thereafter, when he was shifted from that school to the nearest school on the west side (Padinjare school), again the incorrect date of birth (5 April 1970) was entered instead of 14 Dec 1971. Nor did his father gave the Birth Certificate from the Vazhakkad Panchayath as proof to the school authorities.

Later on since 1998, whenever asked for the Birth Certificate of Kalki from Vazhakkad Panchayath the panchayath authorities always avoided stating the reason that it was not registered there. The panchayath Secretary informed in the reply (A1-347/06) received on 7/4/2006, that, on examining the register of Birth Certificate of the year 1971, the mentioned birth was not found registered.

After that, when applied (Receipt No:4342|2010) to the Vazhakkad Panchayath on 27/1/2010, for the copy of the birth register of the year 1971, including the reply (A1-347/2006) received on 7|4|2006 as per Right to Information Act, the copy of the birth register of the year 1970-71 (until march) was obtained. Then again applied as per the Right to Information Act, on 4/3/2010 for the copy of the page of the birth register of 14/12/1971 of the financial year 1971-72. Along with the reply received the copy of the record (Ref. No: C-9036/2010) of the birth register of 14/12/1971 where the birth of Kalki was clearly registered.

And then as per the Right to Information Act, applied for the birth certificate on 5/3/2010. Accordingly the birth certificate of Kalki registered on 14/12/1971 with (No.385/1971) was obtained on 6/3/2010. Afterwards, on 10/3/2010 applied (No: 15975/G2/2010|GED) to the Secretary, General Education Department, Thiruvananthapuram, for the correction of the date of birth in the S.S.L.C book, apologizing the delay happened in doing the same.

Related to date of birth correction in S.S.L.C book as per birth certificate (14.12.1971) of Kalki.

Kalki submitted the copy of his birth certificate. But the Under Secretary had asked to present the horoscope. The horoscope as well as the affidavit of the astrologer who had written the horoscope was also presented. Even after presenting the original birth certificate for the correction in date of birth, M. Kristudas, Under Secretary, General Education Department had replied on 4/11/2010 that the correction of the date of birth in the S.S.L.C book of Kalki is impossible.

Thereafter on 11/4/2011 a writ petition was filed against this in the High Court through Adv. K. Ramakumar and Kalki won the case on 18 Jan 2017. The High Court ordered to solve the issue within two months favourably to Kalki. Accordingly on 8 Feb 2017, Kalki presented the copy of judgement with application to the Secretary, General Education Department, Thiruvananthapuram. On 18 April 2017, Kalki send a reminder application with the copy of High Court order to reconsider. On 07.11.2017, Govt. order issued ([സ.ഉ.(സാധാ)നം./4202/2017/പൊ.വി.വ.].

As part of the procedure, necessary documents were sent to Pareeksha Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram through the headmistress of R.E.C High School for correcting date of birth in S.S.L.C Book as 14.12.1971 as per the birth certificate. And then the Govt. order dt. 06/01/2018 of Joint Commissioner including the S.S.L.C  Book with the corrected date of birth as 14/12/1971 was received by post.

After that, the date of birth was also corrected in the School Admission Register of R.E.C. High School, AUP School and ALP School Choolur by giving copies of the documents.

Scan Kalki-AUP Choolur Extract Of Admission Register issued on 23 Mar 2018

Scan Kalki-ALP School Choolur Extract Of Admission Register issued on 23 Mar 2018

Birth Time

7.08 am

Kalki Avatar : Birth Chart


Swathi [Chothi, (15th Lunar asterism) in Moonnam Padam-third schedule].

Historical Evidences 4

Varamathil SwathiMeen MudiKaviVillu (1):4:1.

Varamathil=on Tuesday, Swathi Meen=star: Swathi (Chothi-15th Lunar asterism), Meen=star, MudiKaviVillu=Venus is in Sagittarius, the Ascendant (Lagna), Mudi= Ascendant (Lagna), Kavi=Venus, Villu=Sagittarius.

Star: Swathi (Chothi- 15th Lunar asterism). Venus is in Sagittarius, the Ascendant (Lagna).

photo of grandfather, parents and siblings of kalki


Father: Late. Ramakrishnan (the youngest son of Late. Kizhakkumbattu Illath Damodaran Namboothirippadu and Kalyani). Mother: Sarada. Three Children. One elder brother and sister, Kalki is the youngest.

Historical Evidences 5

Vannamathaay Ramakrishna SaradaEentror (2):2:3
Iruthunaikal AanPen ManavumKandaan (1):5:4
Kanduvarar Kadaisaayal ShinthaiMelaay (1):6:1

Vannamathaay=the good, Ramakrishna Sarada Eentror=Ramakrishna and Sarada are parents, Iruthunaikal Aan Pen=one brother and one sister, Manavum Kandaan=married, Kanduvarar=know that, Kadaisaayal=last son, Shinthai Melaay=great thinking power.

Parents name is Ramakrishnan and Sarada. Two siblings, one brother and one sister, both of them are married. Kalki is very efficient and last born in the family. These Nadi palm leaves of Kalki are read at the age of thirty three.


Pre-Degree. While studying for 1st year B.A. English Literature in 1989, discontinued and fully involved in the Divine Mission by the order of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Historical Evidences 6

Pattamkalvi Thadayumkandan (9):9:2:2,3

Pattam Kalvi=graduation, Thadayumkandan=obstructed.

Education was obstructed while doing graduation.

Kalki says "Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now."
Kalki says “Original Photos of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna are not available now.”

Mother tongue


Marital Status


Historical Evidence 7

Yeduthurraikke Evarkkemanam Yethusholle (11):3:4

Yeduthurraikke =informing with great importance, Evarkkemanam Yethusholle =He (Kalki) has no married life, Manam = Thirumanam or marriage.

It is specially informed that Kalki has no married life.

Shelvanivan Iraipiravi (10):5:2:1,2

Shelvanivan=his, Iraipiravi-divine birth.

Kalki is a divine person.


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Impure oil due to fall of insects is not suitable for worships and its solution is Insect Free Oil Lamps. Wick Hole Caps are used when only two wicks are in use which acts as a shutter to prevent fall of insects into oil through the unused wick holes.

– Kalki

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74A img Kalki

Official Declaration

Kalki started the activities at the age of seventeen in 1988. Official Declaration: 24 May 1998. Venue: In the courtyard of the first pooja room (now not exists) of Kalki at Father’s house in Choolur, Kozhikode (Dt.).

In 2001, Kalki established Kalkipuri in the birth place, Edavannappara of Vazhakkad Village in Malappuram (Dt). Thereafter, in 2006 Kalki installed the idol Shiva linga in Kalkipuri Temple.

Previous Incarnations

Historical Evidences 8

Shaathimatham Kadanthuthaan YehamEntru (1):8:4)
YehamEntru Vilankidume Karunayale (1):9:1

Shaathimatham=caste and religion, Kadanthuthaan=beyond, Yehamentru =exists in oneness, Yeham Entru=in oneness, Vilankidume=will be self honoured with fame and glistening existence, Karunayale=by blessings.

Kalki exists in Oneness beyond caste and religion.

77A img Kalki

Historical Evidences 9

Ithanmunnam Kiruttinanaay Avatharithaay (1):9:2
Paahupada Palaleelai Sheithumelaay (1):9:3
Paarulakil Ariyathor Undusholven (1):9:4
Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam (1):10:1
Udaviyathu SheithavanNee Panchalikkum (1):10:2.

Ithanmunnam=before this, Kiruttinanaay=as Lord Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Avatarithaay=incarnated, Paahupada=without difference, Palaleelai=different kinds of divine plays, Sheithumelaay=that which was performed several times, Paarulakil=in the world, Ariyaathor=which everyone knows, Undusholven=is being read, Unduthaan Sukshmankal Oraipenippam= also there are several other minute divine secrecies like that is informed now, Udaviyathu=save (help), Sheithavan Nee=you (Kalki) have given, Panchalikkum=to Draupadi (wife of Arjuna only, one of the five pandavas)

Previously, Kalki incarnated as Sree Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and executed several moral divine activities which are still praised by devotees. When Kalki was Sree Krishna, there were several divine secrecies. Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi, when Kalki was Sree Krishna, He saved Draupadi (also called Panchali, being the daughter of Drupada-the King of Panchala) to be the wife of Arjuna only, one of five Pandavas).

 To know about the original history of Sree Krishna and Draupadi, please read “ദ്രൗപദീപതി അര്‍ജുനന്‍ മാത്രം- ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണന്‍ . യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ചരിതം കല്‍കി വെളിപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു.” in Malayalam and English “Arjuna, the sole husband of Draupadi- Sree Krishna. Kalki reveals the real history.

Historical Evidences 10

Ganyamaay Athanmunnai Manithanaay (1):10:3)
Kadamaiyathu Maaraamal Irukkavendi (1):10:4
Vendithaan SreeRaman Avatharamkondu (1):11:1
Vehumsirappai Arakkarkalai MaithavanNee (1):11:2
Kaanappin Thaithanthai Thunaikalkkum (1)11:3
Ganyamaay Ottrumayaay Kadamaimaara (1):11:4
Maaraamal Avarkaludan Anbaaynintraay (1):12:1
Makkalellaam Purunthittar Amaithiyode (1):12:2

Ganyamaay=sincerely with justice as per rules, Athanmunnai=before that, Manithanaay=as a human, Kadamaiyathu Maaraamal Irukkavendi=how to do the responsibilities regularly, Vendithaan=to inform, Sree Raman=as Sree Rama (7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Avatharamkondu=incarnated, Vehumsirappai=especially, Arakkarkalai=evil forces, Maithavan Nee=you have killed, Kaanappin=along with that, Thaithanthai=to parents, Thunaikalkkum=to brothers and sisters, Ganyamaay=sincerely with justice as per rules, Ottrumayaay=with unity, Kadamaimaara=sincerely doing the duties, Maaraamal=without difference, Avarkaludan=along with them, Anbaaynintraay =with unity and acceptance, Makkalellaam=people, Purunthittar=informed, Amaithiyode=all that is needed for living in peace.

Before Sree Krishna, Kalki incarnated as SreeRama (7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) for the fulfillment of real welfare rule. At that time, You have destructed evil forces and implemented the real welfare rule practically and also proved how to do the duties and responsibilities between family members and the people as per morality and justice by their position in the country.

Kalki revealed the real history (most important scene from the first part) of His previous incarnation as Sree Rama. URL: https://www.kalkipurana.com/sreerama/

Historical Evidences 11

Pottrumpadi Ithuvaraiyil Ithaninpinnum (1):12:3
Bhuvulakil Athanpinnum Avatarithaay (1):12:4

Pottrumpadi=is famous, Ithuvaraiyil=even now, Ithaninpinnum=before this, Bhuvulakil=on the earth, Athanpinnum=after that, Avatarithaay=incarnated.

Before Sree Rama and after Sree Krishna, Kalki had incarnated several times and all that are very famous.

36 img Kalki

Historical Evidences 12

Avatharam Maalavanin Arulinaale (1):13:1
Arbhuthankil Nihayilthave Vivekanandan (1):13:2
Divyamaay Palasevai Gnaanamshinthai (1):13:3
Thiruppanikal Palshaithu Irukkumkaalam (1):12:4:1,2,3
Kaalamathil Naanalaithen Athaninpinne (1):14:1
Kalkiyenum Avatharam Ithukaalathil (1):14:2

Avatharam Maalavanin=Lord Vishnu incarnated, Arulinaale=by the divine words, Arbhuthankil=miracles, Nihayilthave=by doing, Vivekanandan=as Swamy Vivekananda, Divyamaay Palasevai=different kinds of spiritual services, Gnanamshinthai=following the path of spirituality and wisdom, Kaalamathil=at that time, Naan Alaithen= I (Lord Siva) called back, Athaninpinne=after that, Kalkiyenum Avatharam Ithukalathil=incarnated as Kalki at this time.

82A img Kalki
Past Birth: Vivekananda. Present Birth: Kalki

After that incarnated as Vivekananda and while doing divine services for the moral enlightenment, at that time I, called back. Thereafter, again, by My blessings has incarnated as Kalki.

Paarkmakan MunOozham Vankadeyam (2):3:3
Baalakanum NarendraDutta Earperkandu (2):3:4
Kandupin Vivekanandan Entrumari (2):4:1
KaalaiGuru GuruPatniyum EentrorNaamamaahi (2):4:2
Vannamathaay Guruvazhiye Kandupidippum (2):4:3
Valamudane Valivirunthu Daanamkondu (2):4:4
Palaelai Udaviyathu Bhodhanaisheithu (2):5:1
Balakanum Vazhnthittaan Eraisevayodu (2):5:2
Nalamudane Kandaalum Edaivittu (2):5:3
Naayakanum Sentrathanaal Eethulthotram (2):5:4

Paark makan Mun Oozham=past birth of this son being informed, Paark=that which is being informed, makan=son, Mun Oozham =past birth, Vangadeyam=Vangadesham, previous name of Bengal, one of the state in India, Baalakanum=boy, Narendra Dutta= previous name of Swamy Vivekananda given by parents, Earperkandu =the correct name, Kandupin=after that, Vivekanandan =Swamy Vivekananda, Entrumari= changed to, Kaalai Guru Guru Patniyum Eentror Naamamaahi=the preceptor and wife of preceptor had the name of the parents of this birth (Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsar and Sarada Devi), Vannamathaay=in a good way, Guruvazhiye=was in the path of the preceptor, Valamudane=in a good way, Valivirunthu Daanamkondu=by giving food, Palaelai=to many poor people, Udaviyathu=helped, Bhodhanaisheithu=by imparting knowledge for moral enlightenment, Balakanum=boy, Vazhnthittaan= living, Eraisevayodu-in divine service, Nalamudane Kandaalum=though in a good manner, Edaivittu=without completing, Naayakanum= Vivekananda, Sentrathanaal=since went back, Eethulthotram=this birth.

Kalki was in Bengal in the previous incarnation. Earlier Bengal was known as Vankadesh. At that time parents named as Narendran (Narendranath Dutta). Afterthat, accepted the name Vivekananda. Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi.

The names of the parents of this birth are same (the name of the father of Kalki : Ramakrishnan, Mother’s name : Sarada) as that of the Preceptor ( Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsar) and Preceptor’s wife (Sarada Devi) in the previous incarnation.

81 img Kalki

The names of the parents of the present incarnation is same as that of the Preceptor’s wife and the Preceptor of Vivekananda, the recent previous incarnation of Kalki. Afterwards, Lord Shiva informs a solid evidence from the description of the previous incarnation of Kalki to Parvathi Devi.

The name of the Preceptor of the previous incarnation: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar. The Preceptor’s wife’s name: Sarada Devi. From this when the addressing name is removed the remaining name obtained is the names of the parents ( Ramakrishnan- Sarada ) of Kalki. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar and Sarada Devi are famous.

With greatness, Vivekananda was only in the path of the Preceptor. By doing the mass feeding in a good manner, helping several people, giving moral enlightenment and by doing divine services lighted a new energetic movement in India through his courageous words, which got widespread and caused for the right to freedom. Thus, Vivekananda while doing divine services through various ways went back without completing the mission of incarnation and again, this time has incarnated as Kalki. Lord Shiva informed Parvathi Devi.

In the 13th stanza and (1st &2nd lines of) 14th stanza (Kaalamathil Naanalaithen Athaninpinne (1):14:1:1. Kalkiyenum Avatharam Ithukaalathil (1):14:2:1,2,3) of the 1st chapter Sukshmaal Sukshmam, it is given that Vivekananda had returned because Lord Shiva called him back, afterthat, again at this time has incarnated as Kalki for the completion of the mission. The correct meaning is understood only when these divine words of Lord Shiva is read along with the stanzas mentioned above.

Lord Shiva proclaims to the world that it is Lord Vishnu who had incarnated as Vivekananda in the recent past incarnation, also has now incarnated as Kalki.

On 12 Jan 1863 born to Vishwanath Dutta and Bhuvaneswari Devi in Bengal as Narendranath Dutta and attained divinity, later on became world famous and also the real official centre of authority for Sanatana Dharma, Vivekananda worked with matureness and became Samadhi (Trance) on 4 July, 1902 and then again took birth on 14 Dec 1971 (Star: Swathi) as the youngest son of Sarada and Ramakrishnan, the youngest son of Kizhakkumbattu illath Damodaran Namboothiripad and Kalyani. At first as Gopakumar, then became Akhilananda Swamy and now while informing is Kalki and is executing the mission of the incarnation. Actually this miraculous process informed by Lord Shiva to Parvathi Devi is the answer for past and future births.

The Supreme Organizing Authority Lord Shiva brings to the notice of the people at this time of claiming the progression of science at its climax that it is most important to know the science of life without classifying the movement of life, the journey of the soul, the phenomenon of past and future birth all together by spiritualism, religion and belief in this amazing universe as if in a casket of gems.

Thousands of years ago, Lord Shiva informs Kalki directly as “Draupadi was saved by You” and “You have specially incarnated as Sree Rama and killed the evil forces.” This is an opportunity for the people to understand the importances of the authority of the Supreme Authority Lord Shiva existing in Shivaloka in the lightform. The divine words of Lord Shiva exists as the historical evidence to clarify that whatever happens is according to the official decision only.

The occasion of proving Sree Rama, the 7th incarnation, Sree Krishna, the 8th incarnation, Kalki, the 10th incarnation with the mission of ten incarnations were officially declared in ancient times itself by the Supreme Authority Lord Shiva which shines as a great thing that the time has stored in the technological era. Lord Shiva also describes in a simple way the course of metempsychoses, a great puzzle to the scientific world ,which is attaining the most advanced progression by including the stepping in of the historical person, Vivekananda, the leader of modern renaissance whom the world has accepted in the lineage of previous incarnations.

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  1. In ancient Nadi Palm leaves and Astrology.
    In the ancient time in Shivalok, Lord Shiva had informed Parvathi Devi about those taking birth at this time which Agastya, Visvamithra etc. and their disciples wrote in Sanskrit language on the palm leaves. Later on Thanjavur King Sharabhoji II (Serfoji: 1777-1832) with the help of scholars translated to Aadi Tamil language and named as Nadi Palm leaves. Kalkipuri Publication has published the Aadi Tamil stanzas from the ancient Nadi Palm leaves about Kalki with its prose translations in Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil languages. Nadi Palm Leaves of Kalki were read between Feb 2004 and Mar 2005 and also on 4 July 2013.
  2. Kalki has revealed the real history of previous incarnations.
    Real History of Sree Rama: Most important scene from the first part.
    “Arjuna is the sole husband of Draupadi’’ Sree Krishna. Kalki reveals the real history.
    Gandhari and Sree Krishna – Kalki.
    Kalki revealed the real history of Sree Rama and Sree Krishna in Kalki Bhagawan Yugadharma Magazine in 2000 and Kalkipuri Publication published as books in 2008 (latest edition available). Later, on 21 Sep 2010 “ദ്രൗപദീപതി അര്‍ജുനന്‍ മാത്രം – ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണന്‍” with “ഗാന്ധാരിയും ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണനും: യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ ചരിതം – കല്‍കി” published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily.
  3. Real facts of Hinduism-Kalki.
  4. Welfare Nation.
  5. Kalkipuri Publication has published in June,2014. Afterthat, it was published in the official Magazines of BJP and RSS on 15 Sept 2014 and 17 Oct 2014 respectively.

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